Saturday, January 29, 2011

Time Tested Truths

We've all heard of them. Eternal Truths. From "Toasts lands butter side down", to kindred spirits that are drawn together throughout lifetimes, these ideas have a firm hold in society, and will have for generations to come. But what is the point. Simple, there isn't one. These ideas, like this post, are pointless aside from an amusing anecdote in an otherwise boring life. But what happens when that changes?

For a while now, I've been seeing ads on TV talking about "love calculators". These really are the stupidist things I've seen. The idea that compatability is reducible soley to an arbitrary configuration of letters, (Names), is ludicrous. Yet, I have no doubt that there are people in this world stupid, or crazy, enough to believe it. This would mean those people could decide against dating a nice guy, and decide to date a horrible guy. Or vice versa. It could ruin perfect relationships, or bring a realisation to a victim of a bad one.

It has the potential to bring great joy and great pain, and overall would have little effect on the world. But the problem I have with it is not with the calculations, but with the profit making. Everyone wants to be happy and in a relationship. Playing on peoples emotions for the benefit of self is a horrible thing to do. We've all done it, but mostly we don't gain monetary profit from it. On a large scale, it's positively evil.

That about wraps it up for this rant, it's pointless, but I hope it was fun. Great to be back online everyone. Until next time,

crites evidentia logica.

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