Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sapiens: Rodents in Disguise

Everything we do as a race is horrid. We are like technological rats. We swarm into an area, eating and wasting our way through the natural resources, and screwing to the point where we need outside sources to sustain us. Instead of finding places to hollow out and live in, or burrowing underground, we build structures to live in, some of which could easily house 2 or 3 times as many people as they do. With growing unemployment and homelessness, I feel it's selfish of some to keep empty houses for the off chance they might pop 'round for the week this year.

There is a big difference though, aside from the size thing, between us and rats. We have a hierarchy. Within society we have people who effectively control others. The most effective of these are the governments. They control their populations, while making them believe they are free. HA! True freedom cannot exist, not if we are to survive. I do not dispute this, though I do understand it's not perfect. Rats over-populate then slowly die off, and even eat each other, when the food runs out. We grow our food, but what happens when our vital resources run out? Petrol is running low, and as one of our vital resources, we can see an example of the Human reaction. What happens? WAR! We kill each other for the smallest scrapes. Sure, there are some who are doing the smart thing, trying to come up with an alternative resource, but they are a minority, compared to the people who are attacking others, either to take control, or keep it.

I'm going insane. I've been thinking about this for a long time. Since before The Matrix came out. My inability to change anything is taking it's toll. I doubt I'll be posting particularly coherent things on here. Hell, even this post has no structure. Tomorrow, I'll open Pandora's box. I'll embrace this new found madness, and I'll see how it fares in my attempts to save the world.

I have a back-up plan. I doubt I'll be able to bring myself back from the black abyss of insanity, so I've brought in outside help, so in a week, I'll be back to ... relative normality. See you on the other side.

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