Saturday, May 21, 2011

Attack of the Velocirapture

And once again, the founder of family radio Harold Camping has failed to predict the date of the Rapture. This comes as no surprise to those of us with an IQ in the double digits, but for those who had high hopes for today, let me explain a few things.

1) You believed the founder of a radio station without looking into it. That's not something anyone does, without evidence that they are trustworthy, from a reliable source. This is not the case with Harold Camping. There's been nothing to show that he should be taken at his word. And being christian is NOT a reason to assume he's truthful, just look at televangelists.

2) Harold Camping is 90 years old. There is a good chance he is senile. He's got a lot of life experience, and a lot of faith, but that doesn't make him sane. Not everyone loses their mind as they age. But if a 70 year old person starts claiming the end is nigh he is labelled as deluded at the best, deranged at the worst. When a 90 year old starts taking random numbers from a "holy" book and finds a nearby date and cries about the coming of rapture, you should lock him up. Not pay for billboards to promote his ideas.

3) The bible says that the second coming of Jesus will be like a thief in the night. Unknown to man. If you believe that the Bible is the word of God, whether inspired or written, then you cannot also believe that God was lying, and that he warned you about the rapture when he said he wouldn't. I suppose that makes as much sense as any other part of God...

4) Only a complete moron would not have a contingency plan against the Rapture. It is already illogical to believe it will happen, but to put absolute faith in such a fantasy, to the point of giving away all of your things and donating all of your money, is complete lunacy. If you did this, you don't deserve to own things.

I had a fifth point, but at the time of writing this I have forgotten it. I'm sure it was witty and insulting, and highly relevant. Oh well, I think I've made my point. If you are one of the people who was hoping to go to heaven today, I truly pity you. And I'm sorry to inform you that your life should be spent in a rubber warmed room. Until next time,

crites evidentia logica.

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  1. I remembered my fifth point! The guy has tried this before. In 1994 he was certain that the rapture would occur in September. This was obviously erroneous, and yet he went back and tried again. And people believed him. I failing record of doomsday predictions should make you even more cautious of believing, at least to the point of looking into it.

    Are people really that afraid of thought? Scared to find that there is no grand plan to nature? That the world won't just end?