Saturday, July 23, 2011

Imagine all the people

Can you imagine my rage? I recently went on to youtube to listen to one of my favourite songs of all time, Imagine by John Lennon. What i find, amongst the numerous remixes, covers and film clips, but this garbage:

This is clearly a mobile weblink, so if you can't follow it, it's called Imagine(christian version). This really burns my biscuits. I'm sure this guy felt his response was grea, but unfortunately he missed the point of the original song. He seems to think the strongest message is anti-religion. That message is there, but it's an accompanying message. The main point of the song is "give peace a chance", to quote another John Lennon song. It seems to me that any message of peace that doesn't mention religion is HORRIBLY flawed. In order for peace to be achieved in the world, there must be understanding and acceptance between religion. That or accepting the fact that if there is some deity out there, it has lost all the fucks it had to give.

This post is not a rambling about the evils of religion, nor am I going to destroy this guy (he made no argument either than his belief in god). This post is my attempt to enlighten people to the things people will do for their belief. Creating a parody is one thing, this is another. To me it seems as though this man thought his religion was being singled out, so he wrote a pro-"my religion" version of the song. It's one of the better reactions possible, but pointless, stupid and counter-productive. Ignorance breeds ignorance, and if a song like this became popular, there's a good chance that the hell theists believe in would break loose upon the Earth.

Crites evidentia logica.

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