Monday, April 5, 2010


A time for egg hunts, chocolate suger-rushes and wearing bunny ears without thinking of playboy. A time to spend with family... until you leave to do your own thing. It's also got religious events based around it, but really, who cares? The current market allows for hundreds of different chocolate eggs, bunnies, and anything else you can think of. And provides a reasonable excuse to give in to temptation and "pig-out".

The 2 biggest times of the year: Christmas and Easter, are both embraced by many people the world over. I won't say everyone, cause that is just not true. But what is the point? That seems to be my most important question. "What is the point?". Hm, well in any case, Christams and Easter both have points. Christians will tell you that it's the birth and death of JEEZUS! But, alas, they be lying, and there a couple reasons why. First, there is very little evidence of the existance of jesus. Just the bible, and other scriptures, all of which are already biased. Second, Christmas was celebrated as the Winter solstice for a LONG time before christianity. I won't say how long, I don't know. Easter was a celebration of the spring equinox. It originally occured on the day of, and around the equinox, however, christian easter is celebrated on the sundayon or after the full moon following the equinox. A nominal date was set up for this purpose... i think it's March 21st, or something similar.

You're probably wondering why I'm pointing this out. I am wondering that same thing. Turns out this is merely a pointless blog, designed to educate a little, and keep my few readers happy. I will post again in a couple days, when I'm feeling better.

Until then, Fui fides tantum in testimonium.

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