Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm Back

All right. Due to a cock up with my internet service provider, I have been absent for way too long. This has been fixed! I will now be posting regularly once again.

My next post is going to be on the hoaxes created or used by religious nuts to discredit or disprove evolution, or prove god. I've lost most of my research on this subject, so please point out my mistakes. I'll announce the problems and fix them. Otherwise, please feel free to throw in your two cents, whether for or against my point, and I'll respond appropriately. I'm only mean to trolls, and trolls who don't realise they're trolling.

After that post, I'm open to suggestions for what you would like to see. I have a youtube channel, though I have no videos yet. My plan was to first do a video discussing empiricism, but it seems that I can't explain it in a way that average people can understand. So I'm open to suggestions for that as well.

Until next time,
Fui fides tantum in testimonium.

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