Monday, November 15, 2010

Intelligence Quotient

I have a high IQ. I'm not a genius, but I have a higher then average intellect. This I know based on my experiences with school, work and people. I've always been able to understand things easier then most. During school, I was generally looked to by classmates and teachers for the answers. In 9th Grade I learnt and taught the teacher how to correctly use the computer program to achieve the desirred results. She apparently wasn't a computer whizz... In grade 10, I broke the rules. I profited a small sum by writing out the asssignments of several students in my class. I don't regret this, and here I will explain why.

It is the way of society to be hypocritical. We respect our betters with bitter resentment and open aggression. We treat our lessers with either utter contempt, or complete ignorance. During high school, I learnt to fear those who dressed or acted in certain ways, despite the fact that I could, with ease, logically talk them out of, or into, doing pretty much anything. The teachers would tell us that we're preparing for real life... In the classroom, perhaps, but the whole schoolyard society was warped, or so I thought.

Now I realise, the aim wasn't to prepare everyone for their lives outside of school, but to teach the few who showed talent how to succeed. I took an opportunity when I was younger, and I felt guilty for so long. Having come to this realisation, I notice many opportunities I have missed. I failed university. I didn't have a proper girlfriend until I was 19. I even lost precious opportuities to make money. If I took full advantage of my life up until now, I could be in a much bettter postition then I am in now.

In life, we all face important decisions, and many risks. If we always take the safer road, we may be able to predict how it'll turn out, but we'll miss the chance for true prosperity. Next time you have a choice between certain low gain, and risky high gain, take the risk. Who knows, it might pay off.

Next time, I'll be discussing a moron I saw on youtube. Until then:
Fui fides tantum in testimonium.

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