Saturday, April 23, 2011


I started this blog with the intent to express my ideas and concerns about life, sociology, biology and religion, tempered with strong facts and well reasoned arguments.

I have noticed very few examples of this.

As such, I reform my ways. After this post I will only post ideas that are well referenced, well thought-out, and most of all, well written! This means that on occasion I will have marathon posts, perhaps even an essay for you to download, but at least what you read shall be worth it.

I won't apologise for my posts, past or future, but I will accept that they need improvement. My lack of commenters and followers is evidence that I am doing something wrong. I will try to amend this.

I will apologise for this post, as I'm very tired and feel a reform post should be more formal. Oh well. See you next time,

crites evidentia logica

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