Friday, April 8, 2011

My idea of SPORE 2: The Micro

I recently discovered Darkspore, which appears to be another creature designer game, with a few key differences. Mostly due to the fact it's a "fast-paced action RPG". I will say that it looks good. I plan to own it as soon as I can, in the meantime, I will have to make do with blog posts like this.

They should make a second spore. Not Darkspore, the Action RPG using a similar game concept, but SPORE 2, the creature creator that allows for any evolutionary eventuality, within reason. At the begining players start with little photosythetic cells. After so much energy an DNA is collected, the cell reproduce (Preferably by mitosis), allowing for the devolpment of herbivourism, or a more effficient photosythesis. Once again the game continues in the collection of DNA and Energy until the next change is made, adding the third potential, carnivourism. These levels are easily adapted into the original game system by use of evolution parts.

By the use of this system, players are given the opportunity to expand their imaginations outside of the generic "Cell->Terrestrial animal->Intelligence". So far outlined the posibilities included all plants and animals, with a potential for fungi. What the game would lack in scientific accuracy it would make up for in adaptability. I will continue through all the stages of the game, but not all in this post. The potential stories from Protocell to Space-faring being are likly to be as varied as they are entertaining. Next post: "The Early Macro"

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